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This particular course is mainly based on hands on learning. As Project Management is a practical discipline, the best way to develop is to ‘learn-by-doing’. It is targeted towards those with previous Project Management experience and would like to progress to being a Project Manager. However, if you have no previous experience with project management, you can still take this course and get all the experience you need to get started as a Project Manager.

The training can last between 8 weeks. Once you have completed the sessions, you will be assigned a team and you will deliver a project, managing the process from start to finish. Projects are 8-12 weeks approximately depending on the project. Don’t worry; you will have guidance all the way.

At the end of the program, you would have delivered an end-to-end project yourself.

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This training is also designed to give candidates the opportunity to deliver a project from inception to completion (Full life cycle project). The Training will not be a classroom based type training, its more of a discussion based training where I will spend the time with the candidates to help guide them through delivering the projects they have been assigned.

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The set up will see Project Managers being given a team comprising of a BA, PMO, Tester, Developer and a PSO. The PM will manage the team over a period of 8weeks in delivering the project they have been given using a combination of Waterfall, PRINCE 2 and SCRUM.

We will also provide all the templates used in the project environment for the Project Managers, from Project Brief document, to the Exception, Communication reports to Work Package Agreement and Engagement Plans etc.

At the end of the training, the PM will be able to demonstrate, good team management and project delivery skills using the methodologies and Framework mentioned above. The PM will also have had the full end to end delivery experience on a project which will now go into their CV as references for work they have delivered.

We will also ensure that the PM’s CV is well aligned with industry standards.

  • 8 weeks Training with 1hr weekly face to face catch up with Henry
  • BA’s, Testers, PMO and PSO will be provided
  • Developers will be made up of our in-house staff

We believe this is a strategic move to further empower individuals wishing to go into this field of work as we can provide them with REAL PROJECTS to deliver.

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