Payment Policy as Regards Candidates Fees May 2020

Payment of Fees

All Students are liable to pay the relevant fees and charges for their course. Unless you meet the criteria for one of the alternative payment arrangements set out in this Schedule, Fees are due on or before the start of teaching date for each year of the course. Cedar Pro will make every effort to remind Students or their sponsors of any fees due, however such notifications are reminders only and Students are contractually responsible for ensuring the timely payment of their fees in line with our payment terms.

Payment of Course Fees

Where Course Fees are payable, Students either:

  • Pay their Course Fees in full through personal contribution (a private student);
  • Have the Course Fees paid for in full by a third-party sponsor (for example their employer, another corporate sponsor, a career development loan or, for Students from outside the European Union, a foreign government agency or loan scheme);
  • Apply to the relevant UK/Channel Islands/Isle of Man agency for tuition fee support and/or a student loan, to cover the whole or part of the Course Fees; or
  • Pay the Course Fees through a combination of private funds, sponsorship and/or public funds.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency with other payment of fees information or guidance provided for applicants/Students, the terms contained within this document shall prevail. Where reference is made in this document to a stage of a course/programme of study, this refers to the part of a course/programme of study which a Student is scheduled to take in an academic year.

Tuition Fee – Liability Payment of fees

Once registered at Cedar Pro, all students, regardless of funding source and fee status, are liable for their fees for the relevant training period. Self-funded candidates are required to pay their fees in full before the training commences or on the day of the training.Where a candidate’s fees are funded by an external body (known as a “sponsor”), Cedar Pro receives the fees in accordance with the requirements or rules of that sponsor. Examples of sponsors include the UK Government via the Student Loans Company, Job Centre Plus, Skill Funding Agency, etc.

Instalment Payment Option

In the event that a student cannot pay all the fees at once, they would be allowed to pay in two instalments of 50% each after the initial registration of £100. First payment is to be received on or before the training start date and payments must be complete before classes complete. 

Failure to pay Course Fees

Cedar Pro reserves the right to impose sanctions against any Students for whom Course remain unpaid. Such sanctions may include the imposition of late payment charges (e.g. £25 per defaulted payment), withdrawal of some or all of our services, withholding of mark transcripts and award certificates and the suspension of a Student’s registration. Cedar Pro may also pursue the outstanding debts through a debt collection agency and through the courts. Any such action will include the recovery of reasonable costs incurred by the Cedar Pro. All Students remain liable for any unpaid fees or charges where a sponsor or other organisation fails to make the relevant payment.

Overdue payments

Payments are considered overdue 1-minute past midnight of the day the payment is due.

Overdue payments will attract the following fees:

1 minute – 24 hours = £50

25 hours – 3 days = £75

3 days – 1 week = £100

Over 1 week = £100 and students will be sent to debt collectors where additional charges will apply.

If you are overdue on your payments, you will be taken off your project, removed from basecamp and denied any access to CV Review, Interview Preparations and Referencing. Until your payment and late payment fees are paid back in full, you will not be allowed back on your project.

To cause no disruption to you team and to incur no extra fees, always pay your instalments on time. It is the students’ responsibility to pay their instalments and not up to the company to chase this.

Fee liability following withdrawal

Once registered, the registration fee of £100 is non-refundable. Candidates who withdraw permanently from his/her training before their start date would forfeit the £100 registration fee. Candidates who withdraw after the start of their training are liable for fees as set out in the table below:

S/No Level attended Amount Due
1 Attended one class £150 + registration
2 Attended two classes £300 + registration
3 Attended 3 – 5 classes 50% of fees or £600 whichever is more
4 Attended all due classes Total cost of fees

Fee liability following intermission

For candidates who decide to intermit, would have 3 months to resume training or lose their £100 registration plus any fees paid

Discretionary Fees payment arrangement

Cedar Pro Staff reserved the right to arrange a discretionary arrangement as regards fee payment (subject to senior management approval). However, payment cannot exceed 3 months and is subject to other policy provisions stated above.

Refund and Cancellation policy

Cancellations are to be made in writing to: If the candidate wishes to cancel a course, the following policy will apply unless agreed by prior arrangement.In the event that a payment is to be refunded, Cedar Pro Limited will endeavour to process all refunds as quickly as possible. Refunds can only be made to the card account or bank account from which the refundable payment was made. Refunds will take any were between 7 – 14 days from when the refund request was made.